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NVIDIA ray-tracing on ‘Minecraft’ looks surprisingly cool

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 19 augustus, 2019  
Minecraft's blocky world might be the last place you'd think would need more realism. However, NVIDIA and Microsoft have announced that they've done exactly that, bringing RTX ray-tracing powers to the world-building game. "In normal Minecraft, a blo.....
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AT&T and T-Mobile will now verify phone calls between their networks

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 14 augustus, 2019  
AT&T and T-Mobile have started rolling out cross-network call authentication services for their subscribers. That means the companies will now be able notify their customers if the call they're getting from the other carrier truly is from the num.....
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Man charged with bribing AT&T staff to illegally unlock phones

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 7 augustus, 2019  
There's no question that there's a market for unlocked phones, but one man may have been too eager to profit from that demand. The US has charged Pakistani citizen Muhammad Fahd with bribing staff at AT&T's call center in Bothell, Washington to.....
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AT&T rolls out 5G in NYC, but only for business at first

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 6 augustus, 2019  
At last, AT&T's 5G network is available in New York City... only you likely can't use it yet. The carrier now offers the higher-speed wireless service in parts of NYC, but it's currently limited to business customers and developers. That's not.....
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Some AT&T unlimited subscribers will get Spotify Premium for free

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 5 augustus, 2019  
AT&T is adding a new streaming option to its Unlimited & More Premium wireless plan: Spotify Premium. AT&T customers with the Unlimited & More Premium plan are now eligible for Spotify Premium at no additional c.....
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Major broadcasters sue nonprofit TV service over copyright infringement

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 31 juli, 2019  
CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox have joined forces in a fight against Locast, a nonprofit streaming service funded in part by AT&T Inc and Dish Network Corp. The service is marketed as a distribution alternative for people who can't get local TV signals th.....
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Farewell DirecTV Now, hello AT&T TV Now

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 30 juli, 2019  
You'd be forgiven if you were befuddled by AT&T's range of streaming services. Between DirecTV Now, HBO Max, Watch TV and now AT&T TV, it's not always clear what service will meet your needs, or even which app you might need. The telecom th.....
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T-Mobile won’t sell the Galaxy Fold

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 25 juli, 2019  
Samsung has revealed the beleaguered Galaxy Fold will finally ship this September, but you won't be able to buy it through T-Mobile. The carrier has confirmed it won't sell the foldable smartphone...
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AT&T is launching yet another streaming TV service this fall

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 24 juli, 2019  
In case DirecTV Now, HBO Max and Watch TV weren't enough, AT&T has one more streaming service in the works. The telecom used its second quarter earnings to reveal that it will start testing an AT&T TV service in "select markets" during the t.....
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Second season of DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ will also stream on HBO Max

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 21 juli, 2019  
Those murmurs of WarnerMedia making DC Universe's shows more widely available? They're true. DC's Doom Patrol has been renewed for a second season, and it'll be available on both DC Universe and HBO Max when it resumes in 2020. The move will also bri.....
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CBS goes dark on DirecTV Now, other AT&T services in price dispute

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 20 juli, 2019  
Media giants are embroiled in yet another fight over TV rates, and viewers are once again paying the price. CBS' channels in 17 markets (including New York, San Francisco and Atlanta) have gone dark on AT&T services like DirecTV Now and U-verse.....
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A sheriff’s office in Colorado will use Galaxy S9s as body cameras

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 18 juli, 2019  
Deputies in the Kit Carson County Sheriff's Office in Burlington, Colorado, will soon wear Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones on their vests. The phones will serve as body cameras and will run on AT&T's LTE-based FirstNet public safety platform. In ad.....
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US networks improved in early 2019 with help from 5G upgrades

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 18 juli, 2019  
Did you have fewer gripes about your cellphone service earlier this year? You're not alone. JD Power's latest US wireless network quality study indicates that the ratio of complaints about call and data performance dropped for every major carrier i.....
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AT&T will automatically block fraud calls for new customers

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 9 juli, 2019  
AT&T is making quick use of FCC rules explicitly allowing carriers to block robocalls by default. The network will start automatically blocking fraud calls (and issuing suspected spam call alerts) for new phone customers as a matter c.....
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