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Garmin’s latest GPS is designed for off-road explorers

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 17 mei, 2019  
With GPS now a basic cell phone feature, and more vehicles rolling off the production lines with built-in satnav systems, the role of standalone satellite-navigation devices is diminishing. Why have an extra bit of kit in your car that needs a.....
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Recommended Reading: Google Duplex still confuses restaurants

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 mei, 2019  
One year later, restaurants are still confused by Google Duplex Natt Garun, The Verge Google had us in awe when it debuted the AI-powered Duplex tech at I/O 2018. The system can be used to make reservations on your behalf, and it can even m.....
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A BMW outage made Apple CarPlay unusable

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 10 mei, 2019  
BMW owners in both the US and UK have been locked out of Apple's CarPlay interface on their vehicles due to system-wide outages of ConnectedDrive. 9to5Mac reported that complaints from drivers on both sides of the pond began racking up on social medi.....
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GPS Rollover is today. Here’s why devices might get wacky

Door: Kirsten Korosec   / 6 april, 2019  
The Global Positioning System time epoch is ending and another one is beginning, an event that could affect your devices or any equipment or legacy system that relies on GPS for time and location. Most clocks obtain their time from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). But the atomic clocks on satellites are set to GPS time. The […]..
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TomTom’s new GPS uses IFTTT to interact with your smart home

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 28 maart, 2019  
TomTom is mostly focusing on driverless navigation after stepping away from wearables and action cams. However, it still makes consumer GPS units, and to keep up with smartphones, has unveiled the TomTom Go Premium with IFTTT home automation t.....
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Fi’s GPS pet tracker lasts three months between charges

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 14 maart, 2019  
From keys to luggage, smart technology lets us keep track of pretty much everything these days -- and that includes our pets. Whistle is perhaps the most prominent company in the pet tracking business, but now a new contender has entered the r.....
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Google Fit update delivers a much-needed power-saving mode

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 13 maart, 2019  
Google is taking steps to address one of the most commonly-cited smartwatch complaints: battery life. In a bid to increase the time between charges (which at this juncture is usually two days max), Google Fit's latest update will come with a battery-.....
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UK will track thousands of criminals with GPS tags

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 17 februari, 2019  
It's not a novel idea to make criminals wear GPS bracelets, but they could soon be relatively commonplace in the UK. The country's government plans to use them for around-the-clock monitoring of criminals across England and Wales by the summer, with.....
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Google Maps’ AR adds navigation hints to the real world

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 februari, 2019  
Google Maps has made navigating unfamiliar cities on foot much easier than the days of pulling out a paper map — but it's not perfect. The blue dot that signifies where you are standing can vary wildly from your actual position because GPS is b.....
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Panoskin makes it easier to post GoPro footage to Street View

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 6 februari, 2019  
Uploading your own Street View Photos -- even with a 360-degree camera -- can be a pretty laborious process. Google introduced "Street View ready" standards in 2017 to make things easier, and now things are set to become even more st.....
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Garmin’s latest golf GPS can throw you into virtual tournaments

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 22 januari, 2019  
Garmin doesn't just want to help you improve your golf game -- it wants to enable golf matches with players who are nowhere near a course. It's launching an Approach G80 golf GPS that includes new game modes, including a Virtual Tournament option th.....
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Matrix adds a solar cell to its battery-free smartwatch

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 6 januari, 2019  
In announcing the third in its range of battery-free smartwatches, Matrix Industries is going where few others have gone before. Whereas the first two PowerWatches relied upon thermocouples to generate power, the new model has two different wa.....
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SpaceX completes its first US national security mission

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 23 december, 2018  
SpaceX managed to squeak in one more milestone before the end of 2018. The private spaceflight company successfully launched its first-ever US national security mission, carrying the US Air Force's equally new GPS III satellite into orbit. The effo.....
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The Air Force’s long-awaited GPS upgrade begins tomorrow (update)

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 18 december, 2018  
It's been in the works for over a decade, but now the current Global Positioning System (GPS) is about to start getting its multibillion-dollar upgrade thanks to SpaceX's first-ever GPS satellite launch. After delays across the last four years, a Spa.....
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