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NASA wants you to get your boarding pass to Mars

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 22 mei, 2019  
You probably won't visit Mars for a long time, if ever. You might have a way to go in spirit, though. NASA has introduced a "Send Your Name" campaign that will put your name on the Mars 2020 rover, leaving a long-term record of your name on the Red.....
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Dust storms may have stolen all of Mars’ water

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 6 mei, 2019  
In May 2018, Opportunity had been doing science on Mars since 2004, and there was no reason to think that the plucky rover wouldn't carry on. Then, a dust storm hit that completely obscured the planet from view. After fine dust coated Opportunity's s.....
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NASA’s InSight lander may have recorded a marsquake

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 24 april, 2019  
It might not have taken long for NASA's InSight lander to capture a marsquake. The machine's seismometer recorded trembling on April 6th that seems to have come from within Mars, rather than an above-ground source like the wind or InSight itself. A.....
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NASA enlists academia to develop autonomous space habitats

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 9 april, 2019  
As NASA faces pressure to get astronauts to the Moon and considers human exploration of Mars, it will need to sort out a few major details -- like how to keep extraterrestrial habitats functioning even when there aren't any human occupants. To do thi.....
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NASA proves its space helicopter can fly on Mars

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 29 maart, 2019  
The scientists working on NASA's Mars helicopter project are done building the actual 4-pound vehicle that's blasting off to the red planet with the Mars 2020 rover. But they can't just strap the helicopter to its bigger companion's belly and call it.....
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‘Moons of Madness’ blends Lovecraft with ‘Dead Space’

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 26 maart, 2019  
There aren't many great H.P. Lovecraft-inspired games, let alone ones that venture outside of Lovecraft's time period, but Rock Pocket Games and Funcom think can do both at once. They've announced Moons of Madness, a "cosmic horror" game that blends.....
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Opportunity’s last Mars panorama is a showstopper

Door: Devin Coldewey   / 13 maart, 2019  
The Opportunity Mars Rover may be officially offline for good, but its legacy of science and imagery is ongoing — and NASA just shared the last (nearly) complete panorama the robot sent back before it was blanketed in dust...
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NASA releases the final panorama that Opportunity took on Mars

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 13 maart, 2019  
Before a Martian dust storm took out Opportunity in June 2018, the rover was able to capture hundreds of images that NASA has now released as a panorama. The 360-degree photo is composed of 354 images overall, taken by the rover's Panoramic Camera (P.....
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Trump asks for $9.6 billion to bolster cybersecurity in 2020 budget

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 maart, 2019  
President Donald Trump has revealed his proposed budget for the 2020 fiscal year, which "supports the creation" of Space Force (USSF) as the sixth branch of the armed forces. The White House also hopes to bolster cybersecurity and NA.....
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NASA is giving us daily weather reports from Mars

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 21 februari, 2019  
NASA says its new Mars weather website will be "geeky fun for meteorologists." For the rest of us, it's a daily reminder that Mars is ridiculously cold. The website shares a daily weather report with temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind speed c.....
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NASA backs tiny 3D-printed sensors for planetary rovers

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 17 februari, 2019  
Nanomaterials might just prove the key to the next wave of planetary rovers. NASA has poured $2 million into a Goddard Space Flight Center team developing 3D-printed sensors whose nanomaterials make them tiny, ultra-sensitive and resistant to.....
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Opportunity Mars Rover goes to its last rest after extraordinary 14-year mission

Door: Devin Coldewey   / 13 februari, 2019  
Opportunity, one of two rovers sent to Mars in 2004, is officially offline for good, NASA and JPL officials announced today at a special press conference. "I declare the Opportunity mission as complete, and with it the Mars Exploration Rover mission as complete," said NASA's Thomas Zurbuchen...
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NASA admits the Mars Opportunity rover is dead

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 13 februari, 2019  
If you're a fan of Mars exploration, you're probably in mourning right now. NASA's Opportunity rover has effectively been declared dead after the agency's last attempt to contact the storm-struck rover was met with silence. Officials plan to hold a p.....
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NASA puts a key satellite in place for its Mars 2020 mission

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 12 februari, 2019  
NASA is preparing for the Mars 2020 mission by bringing the MAVEN probe, which will act as its antenna and connection to Earth, closer to the red planet. Over the next few months, the spacecraft will fly closer and closer to Mars until it's only 2,80.....
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