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Federal judge rules Qualcomm violated antitrust rules

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 22 mei, 2019  
Roughly five months after the Federal Trade Commission and Qualcomm entered the courtroom over charges that Qualcomm engaged in anti-competitive behavior, a federal judge has sided with the FTC. In a decision shared Tuesday night, US District .....
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Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off supplies to Huawei

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 20 mei, 2019  
Huawei has more to worry about beyond Google's decision to suspend Android support. Bloomberg sources said that American chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx had told staff they wouldn't supply Huawei with parts "till further notice," lea.....
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Huawei responds to Android ban with service and security guarantees, but its future is unclear

Door: Manish Singh   / 20 mei, 2019  
Huawei has finally gone on the record about a ban on its use of Android, but the company’s long-term strategy on mobile still remains unclear. In an effort to appease its worried customer base, the embattled Chinese company said today that it will continue to provide security updates and after-sales support to its existing lineup […]..
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The Meizu 16s offers flagship features at a mid-range price

Door: Frederic Lardinois   / 16 mei, 2019  
Smartphones have gotten more expensive over the last few years even though there have only been a handful of recent innovations that really changed the way you interact with the phone. It’s maybe no surprise then that there is suddenly a lot more interest in mid-range, sub-$500 phones again. In the U.S., Google’s new Pixel […]..
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Qualcomm expects to make $4.5 billion from Apple settlement

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 2 mei, 2019  
The costs of Apple's truce with Qualcomm are now much clearer. Qualcomm now estimates that it will pull in revenue between $4.5 billion and $4.7 billion from the settlement in the third quarter of the year, including both the one-time payment from A.....
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Apple poached Intel’s 5G leader weeks ahead of Qualcomm truce

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 28 april, 2019  
Intel's decision to bail on 5G modems may have gone hand-in-hand with Apple's truce with Qualcomm, but it's now clear there were hints of a shift weeks earlier. The Telegraph has learned that Apple poached Intel's 5G phone modem leader, Umashankar T.....
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Intel is trying to sell its smartphone-modem business

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 27 april, 2019  
Intel is looking to sell its smartphone-modem business, now that it's officially out of the race for 5G chipsets, The Wall Street Journal reports. In fact, Apple considered acquiring part of Intel's modem ventures in talks that began last summer, but.....
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Intel giving up on 5G tech explains Apple’s sudden Qualcomm settlement

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 17 april, 2019  
In a move that accompanies today's shocking settlement between Apple and Qualcomm, Intel has suddenly announced it's not even going to try building 5G modems for smartphones. Apple had attempted to replace Qualcomm as a supplier for its modem chips w.....
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Apple and Qualcomm settle royalty lawsuits with new patent agreement

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 16 april, 2019  
And just like that, the bitter feud between Apple and Qualcomm is already over. The two companies have settled their patent royalty dispute, ending all ongoing legal action (including with Apple's manufacturing partners). Apple has agreed to pay Qual.....
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Firefox comes to Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 april, 2019  
Always on, always connected PCs haven't exactly taken the world by storm yet, but app developers and software creators are steadily dialing up their support for these ultra-portable machines. Need proof? Just look at Mozilla: this morning, the compan.....
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Qualcomm’s latest chip will give midrange phones a gaming boost

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 9 april, 2019  
Flagship features continue to trickle down from $1,000 phones to their more-affordable brothers, and the same is happening with the chips that power them. Qualcomm unveiled new midrange mobile CPUs today that offer advanced features typically .....
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Qualcomm, Apple split results of iPhone patent cases

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 26 maart, 2019  
A US trade judge recommended a temporary sales ban on some models of iPhone following a ruling that found Apple infringed upon Qualcomm patents. The judge's decision was not binding and will be reviewed by the International Trade Commission (ITC). Th.....
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Qualcomm’s new chips power ‘smarter’ AI-connected speakers

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 19 maart, 2019  
Smart speakers still have a lot of room for improvement. How often have you had to shout a command over your music, or had to endure mediocre sound for the convenience of using your voice? Qualcomm believes it can do better. It's unveiling chips t.....
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Jury decides Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in iPhones

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 15 maart, 2019  
Following a two-week trial, a jury has determined that Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in some iPhones. The jury awarded Qualcomm $31 million, the full amount it was seeking, though Apple had won a ruling to limit the potential payout. .....
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