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London Underground will track everyone’s Tube trip via WiFi

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 22 mei, 2019  
Transport for London, the UK capital's transit authority, will start collecting data on how people move around the Underground system by tracking phones and other connected devices using its extensive WiFi network. The agency's systems will depersona.....
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Over 21,000 Linksys routers leaked their device connection histories

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 19 mei, 2019  
Certain Linksys WiFi routers might be sharing far more data than their users would like. Security researcher Troy Mursch has reported that 33 models, including some Max-Stream and Velop routers, are exposing their entire device connection his.....
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August halts sales of View doorbell over WiFi problems

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 26 april, 2019  
August's View doorbell hasn't had a stellar launch. The smart home company is "pausing" shipments of the View after reports of "performance challenges" in certain households. While it didn't say what those issues were, The Ambient noted that the Vi.....
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Traeger Ironwood 650 review: WiFi is the ultimate pitmaster

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 24 april, 2019  
I'll admit it: I was skeptical that a WiFi-connected grill could really improve my casual culinary exploits. During my review of Traeger's Timberline 850 though, I would discover it's actually very useful -- especially for things that take several ho.....
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TP-Link’s new mesh WiFi system is big on range and low in price

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 1 april, 2019  
TP-Link is expanding its range of affordable mesh WiFi systems with the new Deco M4. For $180, you get a three-pack of white, cylindrical WiFi hubs that can cover up to 5,500 square feet of space. Of course, the more access points you have, th.....
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Netgear’s latest gaming router goes on sale in April for $199

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 16 maart, 2019  
Whether you're playing Fortnite, Apex Legends or PUBG, less lag means more wins. Netgear promises its new gaming router will deliver both. The company debuted the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 WiFi Router at SXSW this week. It'll be available worldwide.....
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Traeger makes built-in WiFi a standard grill feature

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 15 maart, 2019  
In 2017, Traeger added WiFi connectivity to its line of wood pellet grills with the Timberline series. While being able to control and monitor your grill remotely is more handy than you might think, the privilege was limited to two models with.....
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Amazon Fire TV no longer needs you to type your WiFi password

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 10 maart, 2019  
There are a number of reasons why it can be laborious to set up a living room media player, not the least of which is WiFi -- you try entering a password with a remote. Those days might be gone if you have one of Amazon's devices, though. It recently.....
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Facebook’s mesh network tech will deliver 5G broadband in California

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 25 februari, 2019  
Facebook's open-source Terragraph WiFi technology will power 5G home broadband in Alameda, California. Unveiled in 2016, the 60GHz millimeter-wave wireless tech is designed to bypass cost-prohibitive fiber-optic lines by blasting the internet through.....
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Amazon buys mesh WiFi startup Eero to connect smart homes

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 februari, 2019  
Amazon is still busy snapping up companies to bolster its smart home business. This time it's acquiring Eero, the startup that has developed a solid reputation for its mesh WiFi routers. There's no mystery as to why it's making the move -- it likes.....
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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones will support next-generation WiFi

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 4 februari, 2019  
Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 phones are set to support next-generation WiFi amid a broader expansion of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) availability this year. Three versions of the phone, including an S10+ and cheaper S10E, should be compatible with the standard.....
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Wood block connects you to coffee shop WiFi with a tap

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 23 januari, 2019  
It's not very fun to connect to WiFi at a café or hotel. If you don't have to ask staff for a password, they'll have to print it somewhere -- and it's still a hassle when all you want to do is check your email. Ten One Design thinks it might h.....
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TiVo will add apps for smart TV boxes and WiFi for Mini this year

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 11 januari, 2019  
It's been a few years since TiVo released a limited app for Amazon's Fire TV platform, but as it promised last year, the next-generation platform will reach third-party boxes. Those include not only Fire TV (and Android) but also Roku and eventually.....
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TP-Link’s newest WiFi 6 routers include its first mesh-ready model

Door: Engadget RSS Feed   / 7 januari, 2019  
TP-Link is ready to come out swinging now that the high-speed WiFi 6 standard is here in earnest. The company is expanding on its recent introduction of two high-end routers (the Archer AX11000 and AX6000) with three more devices that include.....
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